P3P Wiz will create compliant policy data for every aspect of your Privacy Policy. All data is supplied in a preview format, in raw format and packaged in a downloadable zip file.

  • P3P Compact Headers
    P3P Header Code that will allow Internet browsers to automatically detect the P3P/Privacy practices of your Web Site. 

  • Code Snippets
    For developers, we supply the code required to output your P3P compact header data at the server level. Code is currently generated for the following languages:
    PHP, ASP, PERL, JSP, ColdFusion, .htaccess (& HTML). 

  • Machine Readable P3P Policy Code
    XML pages that deliver your Privacy Policy automatically to Internet browsing software (Internet Explorer for example). This includes any additional P3P files required for different areas or ‘zones’ on your Web Site. 

  • Google Adwords Compliant Human Readable Privacy Policy
    The translated ‘human readable’ version of your Privacy Policy.
    P3P Wiz converts your P3P compliant Privacy Policy data into a globally legal, concise, easily understood, human readable privacy statement. 

  • P3P Privacy Seal
    Increase confidence and trust in your website by displaying a P3P Privacy Seal.
    The P3P Privacy Seal is the first and only Privacy Seal to include the P3P aspects of online privacy. 

  • Free Upgrades & Technical Support
    As technology continues to progress, changes to P3P standards and Internet browsers are inevitable. We supply free upgrades to your P3P policy as and when they are needed. In addtion, we supply the support you need to ensure that your P3P Policy is installed correctly with a minimum of dispruption to your web site.