The cost of a P3PWiz account is $29.95 for 12 months

Our account based system allows you to generate and make changes to your Privacy Policy information as often as you need simply and quickly – without spending hours or even days navigating the complex P3P specifications to ensure your privacy policy is compliant. 

We include any technical support you may require while implementing your policy and can review and make recommendations as needed. 

One question often asked is why P3PWiz and the P3P Privacy Seal is so much less expensive than other commercial Privacy policy solutions. The answer is quite simple: Smart technology and automation. 

The W3C P3P specifications are (inevitably) convoluted and complex. P3PWiz was developed as a solution to this problem. 

The P3PWiz policy engine deals with all of the complexity for you, simplifying and automating the policy creation process into easily understood questions and answers. It then converts these answers into valid and compliant P3P data AND into ‘human readable’ and legally valid terms, allowing the creation of a complete and compliant privacy policy package. 

We eliminate the need to contact a ‘specialist’ to create your policy by hand, or through proprietary software. P3PWiz is less expensive because it is less labor intensive. 

The optional (included) P3P Privacy Seal checks and verifies your installed privacy policy on demand. This will give your website visitors live, unbiased and concise 3rd party validation of your web site privacy practices. 

With P3PWiz, you can create your own P3P privacy policies by answering simple questions, and have your P3P policy installed in less than 10 minutes. 

Credit cards and Paypal are accepted, and processed in real time. Upon payment, your P3P compliant Privacy Policy is available for downloading, editing and automated installation. 

Password protected editing, generation, downloading, automatic installation and support remains available for 12 months from your purchase.