P3P & Privacy Policy Generator, P3P & Privacy Policy Editing, Adwords Compatible Privacy Policy, Verifiable P3P Privacy Compliance Seal 

  • Simple & Easy
    Just follow the online prompts. If you don’t know the answer, the defaults will suggest the most common answer for you. 

  • Fixes Blocked Cookie Problems 
    P3P Wiz generates the code required to deliver your Privacy Policy automatically to Internet browsing software (Internet Explorer for example). This addresses the very common problem of blocked cookies on websites. 

  • P3P Privacy Seal
    Increase confidence and trust in your website by displaying the P3P Privacy Seal.
    The P3P Privacy Seal is the first and only Online Privacy Seal to include the automated P3P aspects of website privacy policies. 

  • Adwords Compliant Human Readable Privacy Statement
    P3P Wiz converts your P3P compliant Privacy Policy into a globally legal, concise, easily understood, Google Adwords compliant human readable privacy page. 

  • Easy Online Editing
    P3P Wiz will allow you to modify your Privacy Policy on demand. Password protected access to your encrypted P3P Wiz account will allow you to modify, generate and install updated information as needed. 

  • Multiple Policy Support
    If you need different privacy policies for different areas of your site, P3P Wiz makes it easy. Using the Policy Zone wizard, you can combine multiple policies for different areas of your site into a complete Privacy Policy.

  • Automated Installation Wizard
    The Policy Installation Wizard can automatically install your Privacy Policy if you wish.
    Using a secure, encrypted, SSL connection, your policy can be easily, correctly and automatically installed onto your Web Site.