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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I manually edit my Policy Files?
    Your human readable Privacy Statement can be edited as you wish (Try and ensure you comply with W3C guidelines). Your machine readable XML files should be edited VERY carefully as changes may break your machine readable policy.

  • Your wizard asks for a domain name.

    Are Privacy Policies domain specific or can they be web site specific?

    Privacy Policies are 1st level domain specific.
    If your domain is mydomain.com:
    xyz.mydomain.com, abc.mydomain.com and dagnabit.mydomain.com ALL use the SAME P3P Privacy data specified for mydomain.com
    (Seperate policies or 'ZONES' are needed for each 3rd level domain..xyz, abc, dagnabit)
    Page references (eg: mydomain.com/kermit.htm OR mydomain.com/homer.htm) are invalid P3P domain addresses.

  • Do I need to create a Privacy Policy for each of my domains individually?
    Yes, each domain requires a seperate Privacy Policy. If all of the domains are collecting and using basically the same data, you could generate a single policy for one domain and use that as a template for offline editing if you wish. This could be quite a complex task however.

  • Can you install our Privacy Policy for us?
    Yes we can. Although the P3P Wiz Policy Installer can install your P3P files automatically for you, in some more complex installations this may not be adequate.
    The pricing for manual installation starts at $25 and is dependant on the complexity of your website. Please contact us at the email address below and we will be happy to help.

If you have a question or a problem please email us at the email address below and we will be happy to help.